Renee B.

My daughter, Madeline, is truly blessed to be studying music at The Music Box studio.  She has been taking vocal lessons with Katie Crist since she was 11 years old and is now 16.  I have watched how her vocals, stage performance, and most importantly, her confidence, has grown since being with Katie.  Madeline added piano 2 years ago to her lessons at The Music Box.  This has helped her better understand music and provided another way to express herself.  Katie, along with her piano teacher, Jason, have given Madeline such encouragement over the years that her passion for voice and piano has continued to get stronger.  The talent that I have been able to see develop over the years from this studio is so joyful to watch.  Music in all forms gives these kids and adults a level of confidence that you can’t get anywhere else.  It’s been such a joy to watch my daughter learn so much from this team.