Mary K.

The Music Box has been an integral part of my daughter Caroline’s overall development; not only as a music student, but also as a maturing young adult. She has been taking vocal lessons with Katie Marino Crist for 5 years.  In that time, her transformation has been quite remarkable.  Her journey started as a nervous beginner merely learning how to carry a tune.  At almost 15 yrs old, she has now become an advanced vocalist and a confident young lady.  Aside from her obvious expertise as a professional singer, Katie is a strong female role model and mentor. Although she is determined to maximize Caroline’s full potential, she does so with an easy going, fun and creative teaching style.  This warm, friendly environment makes both Caroline and I feel at home with Katie and also at the studio.  In addition, we have an open line of communication; whether it’s music selection or upcoming events,  we frequently discuss all aspects of Caroline’s growth. Katie’s sensitive and caring heart allows her to notice personal issues, such as disconnection to a song and her overall mood, which is priceless to me.  Caroline recently added piano to her regimen with instructor Jason Bailey.  Like Katie, his expertise and commitment to her advancement has instilled confidence which has empowered her in many ways.  Katie and her staff seem to share similar teaching philosophies, including: positive reinforcement, individualized lessons, parental progress updates, creative expression, student accountability and good ole patience!  With both instructors working simultaneously on her musical repertoire, she has learned how to incorporate both skills in unison.  Having 2 dedicated mentors has enabled Caroline to now perform as a confident pianist and vocalist.  At a tender age when most parents worry about negative influences, I feel reassured knowing that she is thriving and focused in a nurturing environment.   Her experience at The Music Box has instilled in Caroline the mature desire to spend time alone and given her an outlet to express herself through music.  Witnessing a child appreciate and develop their God given talents is truly all any parent can ask for!  The unique training she has received at The Music Box has proven to be invaluable to me; far beyond my expectations, and certainly way more than I paid for!   I feel very fortunate to have this premier learning center in our city.  In my opinion, the MB is not only the finest music facility in Lafayette, but it’s also become our extended family here!