The Music Box believes in developing confidence & creativity through music.  Our professional teaching team takes pride in investing in the growth of our students.

"Excellent - Our daughter has been at The Music Box for the past 4 years. We have seen so much improvement, self confidence and pride in her singing and guitar. The support from the entire staff is like family! Highly recommended!"
- Pam B.

"Professional, personal, fun and so helpful! top notch talented operation."
- Melissa B.

"My daughter has been at the Music Box for 8 years. If you are looking for an organized, professional and positive musical guide for your child, this is the place to be! The very best in town!"
- Elizabeth S.

"The Music Box in Lafayette, La. is absolutely one of the best schools of the musical arts. I compare the Music Box to Reds Health club; both the best in the state. Katie Crist is an inspiration to all here students. So talented !!! She hires only the best to teach. My voice and piano teachers have been very patient with me trying to rekindle my love for singing and playing the piano. If you are looking to expand your talents, I highly suggest The Music Box."
- Fran H.

"I originally purchased voice lessons for my 5 year old for a Christmas present thinking we would try it for a few months. She had expressed interest in singing and I saw that they started at age 5. A little over a year later, I have noticed a HUGE change in my daughters confidence and love for music! We absolutely LOVE her teacher. My daughter looks forward to her lessons every week! I cannot recommend The Music Box enough!"
- Brooke B.

"My teachers at The Music Box have always been open to whatever I wanted to do with covers and original songs. I came to The Music Box with years of vocal and piano lessons, and I was already writing my original songs; however, The Music Box has built up my confidence as well as prepared me for many performances. They were both really helpful in working with me on Theory when I was auditioning for colleges. Although the lessons were challenging at times, they were also fun and interesting."
- Noa H.

"My daughter has been taking lessons at The Music Box for two years and we absolutely love it! We have found the most amazing teacher. The Music Box staff genuinely care about the children they teach and they go out of their way to encourage them, instruct them and celebrate them. This establishment is top notch and I highly recommend them."
- Courtney G.

Katie, I would like to thank you for another great year.  Gabe has been with you for 5 years and has learned so much.  He finally  wanted to learn how to read music and you taught him, and he has improved by leaps and bounds. Besides how well and he has done,  you are so patient and loving with the kids and parents.  Adding Jason to the team has been wonderful.   Gabe loves going to piano lessons because Jason is a wonderful teacher.  I tell everyone who puts their child in music to place them where they will enjoy learning, and the Music Box is the perfect place.  Loving, fun and a great enviroment.  Gabe will always have a special place in his heart for you.

- Laura W.

My daughter, Madeline, is truly blessed to be studying music at The Music Box studio.  She has been taking vocal lessons with Katie Crist since she was 11 years old and is now 16.  I have watched how her vocals, stage performance, and most importantly, her confidence, has grown since being with Katie.  Madeline added piano 2 years ago to her lessons at The Music Box.  This has helped her better understand music and provided another way to express herself.  Katie, along with her piano teacher, Jason, have given Madeline such encouragement over the years that her passion for voice and piano has continued to get stronger.  The talent that I have been able to see develop over the years from this studio is so joyful to watch.  Music in all forms gives these kids and adults a level of confidence that you can't get anywhere else.  It's been such a joy to watch my daughter learn so much from this team.

- Renee B.

My daughter started taking voice lessons from Katie Marino Crist about 4 years ago at the age of 7.  Katie was in the early stages of developing her vision of The Music Box.  My daughter was a very shy and self-conscious child early on.  Katie gave my daughter positive and enthusiastic feedback every lesson.  She helped her to fine tune her vocal skills while at the same time encouraged her to gain the confidence to reveal her voice to all.  My daughter frequently became discouraged from most every creative or active outlet we tried for her, except for voice lessons with Katie at The Music Box.  Katie who is the studio director at The Music Box is one of the most professional, positive and enthusiastic people I have ever met and is an exceptional role model for my daughter.  As the visionary of The Music Box, she leads her fellow instructors in the same direction.  The facility is brand new and state of the art with a recording studio.  Once a year, my daughter was given the opportunity to record her song of choice the annual album.  The experience of recording is very exciting and fun.  Many times I am invited in to experience the recording or a lesson and most of the time brought to tears to hear and see my daughter's joy and confidence expressed through music.  Accordingly, my daughter is encouraged and given the opportunity to sing at public venues several times a year.  These performances have been so instrumental in building confidence and character with my daughter.  Most recently she was invited to perform vocally with another student learning piano with Jason Bailey who is also a very positive and talented instructor with The Music Box.  We coordinated rehearsals together and each student encouraged each other along the way.  These performances have become like a tradition in our family, in a way a celebration.  All together Katie and The Music Box is a most creative and supportive community for my daughter.  As a mother I feel that nurturing confidence in my daughter is such an important aspect of her learning as a whole.  This is sometimes overlooked in academics.  I really cannot say enough wonderful things about The Music Box.  We are so grateful and looking forward to many more years with them!

- Elizabeth S.

The Music Box is a great place to have your child grow musically and to gain self-confidence.   When I decided to put my child in The Music Box for vocals with Katie Crist; and Guitar with Sean Huddleston, it was the best thing I could have done for my daughter’s confidence.  Katie is a great role model and positive lady.  She has taught my daughter not only how to become a better singer but how to become a better person.  Katie challenges and encourages her students.  She offers extra sessions in which each student can learn other aspects of music.  She loves to see the students working toward their goals and she loves all of her students as if they were her own children.   Sean, a laid back and cool teacher; taught my daughter to overcome her fear of making mistakes, he gives her advice on how to became a better guitarist and he has taught her new ways to understand music.  As a parent at the Music Box, I feel very lucky to be able to let my child be a part of this beautiful place.  I appreciate what the Music Box has done for my child and wouldn’t change it for the world!

- Charleen D.

Our experience at the Music Box has been wonderful!  My son has honed his vocal skills and become much more confident as a vocal performer as a result of working with Katie Marino.  He has learned technical skills, but still been allowed to pursue the music that interests him personally.  The Music Box has offered several fun learning opportunities, such as the studio recording sessions,  that he would not have been able to experience elsewhere.  It is a fun, nurturing environment!

- Leslie M.

The Music Box has been an integral part of my daughter Caroline's overall development; not only as a music student, but also as a maturing young adult. She has been taking vocal lessons with Katie Marino Crist for 5 years.  In that time, her transformation has been quite remarkable.  Her journey started as a nervous beginner merely learning how to carry a tune.  At almost 15 yrs old, she has now become an advanced vocalist and a confident young lady.  Aside from her obvious expertise as a professional singer, Katie is a strong female role model and mentor. Although she is determined to maximize Caroline's full potential, she does so with an easy going, fun and creative teaching style.  This warm, friendly environment makes both Caroline and I feel at home with Katie and also at the studio.  In addition, we have an open line of communication; whether it's music selection or upcoming events,  we frequently discuss all aspects of Caroline's growth. Katie's sensitive and caring heart allows her to notice personal issues, such as disconnection to a song and her overall mood, which is priceless to me.  Caroline recently added piano to her regimen with instructor Jason Bailey.  Like Katie, his expertise and commitment to her advancement has instilled confidence which has empowered her in many ways.  Katie and her staff seem to share similar teaching philosophies, including: positive reinforcement, individualized lessons, parental progress updates, creative expression, student accountability and good ole patience!  With both instructors working simultaneously on her musical repertoire, she has learned how to incorporate both skills in unison.  Having 2 dedicated mentors has enabled Caroline to now perform as a confident pianist and vocalist.  At a tender age when most parents worry about negative influences, I feel reassured knowing that she is thriving and focused in a nurturing environment.   Her experience at The Music Box has instilled in Caroline the mature desire to spend time alone and given her an outlet to express herself through music.  Witnessing a child appreciate and develop their God given talents is truly all any parent can ask for!  The unique training she has received at The Music Box has proven to be invaluable to me; far beyond my expectations, and certainly way more than I paid for!   I feel very fortunate to have this premier learning center in our city.  In my opinion, the MB is not only the finest music facility in Lafayette, but it's also become our extended family here!

- Mary K.