Josh D.

Joshua is a proud Lafayette native. Music has been a defining characteristic of his upbringing and cultural identity. Beginning as a clarinetist at Cathedral-Carmel, Josh developed a passion for learning to play a variety of instruments including the guitar which he teaches at The Music Box. Josh has played a range of instruments in classical, rock, and bluegrass bands. After graduating from Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, VA,) in 2017, Josh returned home to study psychology and musical theory and performance at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Among his most impactful mentors are Dr. Andrea Loewy and Dr. Jeffery George. Joshua now pursues a Master of Psychology.

Joshua appreciates dedication to learning and believes education is about providing a context that inspires others to ask questions, be adventurous, and to be confident when trying new things.
Remembering some of his greatest influences: David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Jimi Hendrix, Leonard Cohen, and Brian Fallon… “it’s not that they were breaking some system or creating stuff no one had seen before, it’s that the music was the people themselves. They put everything they had into the ideal of their craft, and that’s something everyone should do.”

Josh has been teaching guitar to students at The Music Box for 5 years.