Jarod is from Mandeville, Louisiana and has been living in Lafayette for the past several years.  He is currently enrolled at The University of Louisiana at Lafayette pursuing a degree in Piano Performance.  He comes from a family heavily involved in the arts and began playing piano at the age of 5.  He studied under his sister-in-law, Jennifer Aldana, for 14 years.

Jarod has won awards in local, state, and regional competitions such as Rally, Guild, and Federation, in addition to a variety of smaller, themed festivals.  His concentration is in classical piano but he also has a background in vocal music, guitar, and percussion.  His experience includes performing at art shows around the region, accompanying church choirs, local jazz ensembles, and dance companies, as well as service weddings and funerals.  Additionally, he writes and produces synthesized music for personal projects as well as for other local musicians.

Jarod’s teaching philosophy is to develop a student’s intuitive, personal understanding of music and musical concepts.  This is achieved through the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, as they relate to specific tasks in music, in order to create and fulfill a personal vision for whatever music they wish to express that it true to their individuality.