Blair has been playing and studying cello for over 15 years starting in New Orleans under Dr. Joseph Butts, and piano since the 4th grade from J. Wallace James. Blair has been a classical and Cajun musician throughout this time, having been chosen to represent Louisiana at Carnegie Hall at a very ripe age. Throughout middle school, Blair’s talent for cello has led him to perform for the ULL College Orchestra, as well as first chair for the Acadiana Youth Orchestra.

Focusing on cello and piano, Blair played at the highest level at Lafayette High School, as well as continued participation in the ULL Orchestra.  He was also part of the talented art program studying electronic music production, classical and contemporary music along with Cajun and Jazz styles, as well as playing in multiple stage performances at Cite des Arts and around Acadiana.

Blair is now a professional musician that plays for the First Baptist Church Orchestra as their senior cellist beside other churches and various gigs for individuals. As a teacher, Blair hopes to spark a passion for music in his students that blossoms into love, for he believes music is a universal language for all to enjoy. He wants to help others share their personal expression for life, hopes, and dreams through their music.