From the young age of 7, Avery has been playing the piano. He started his musical education by taking lessons from his family piano teacher and Juilliard School of Music graduate, Mrs. Rosalynn Miller. She introduced him to classical music and encouraged him to pursue it competitively. Avery went on to score extremely high marks in multiple tournaments and competitions. This included receiving 2nd place in his division’s Piano Rally. After a while, Avery branched off into studying jazz with Dave Trainer. After 11 years of musical experience and 5 years of professional experience, Avery is a very well-versed musician who’s ready to bring music into the community one student at a time.

Avery holds music very close to his heart. He believes that music is one of the purest forms of expression that one can achieve. As a teacher, Avery is going to strive to bring out the student’s musical voice by giving the students the tools to express themselves through music. He hopes to bring this gift of expression to as many people as he can, just as his teachers had done with him.