Voice Lessons in Lafayette, LA

Developing Confidence & Creativity through Music

At The Music Box, you can learn to sing the music you love with a supportive vocal coach.  Students can begin voice lessons as early as 5 years old.  We know that having a skilled musical mentor, who is invested in creating a learning path suited for YOU, provides the best singing lesson experience.

Students can enroll in weekly 30-minute voice lessons where they will learn vocal flexibility & control, breathing techniques, performance skills, music theory, rhythm, solfege, tone, pitch, diction, intonation, and more.  Learn to express yourself and sing confidently at The Music Box!


“I was a student at the Music Box from 2011-2018, and it quickly became a second home for me. The owner and founder is so dedicated and passionate about all of her students and music. The Music Box and everyone there has helped me to be more confident and grow in my love for singing and the arts! Without this place I would definitely not be who I am today. Mrs. Katie taught me how to love music, but also how to love myself. I’m in college now still pursuing music, and using everything I was taught there! I HIGHLY recommend sending your kids here for music lessons because the whole staff is amazing and every time I walk in there I feel like I am a part of a family!”
Madeline B.

More about Our Voice Lessons in Lafayette

Students can begin voice lessons at the age of 5! Telling stories through song is an excellent way to develop memory, language and confidence.
We have experience teaching musical theatre, pop, country, rock, r&b, gospel, jazz, Christian contemporary and more!
We recommend that your singer comes to their first lesson prepared to sing a song they love. This gives the teacher an opportunity to assess your singer's natural ability. Students can sing to a karaoke track, or sing along with their favorite singer. We have iPads in the lesson rooms to make it easy to find accompaniment. The teacher will also use the first lesson to learn about the student's goals and musical interests. From there, a custom learning path will be developed.
Voice students will learn a variety of skills including how to express themselves musically; Voice technique exercises to develop vocal range, breath control, tone production, pitch, enunciation, ear training, and vibrato; Music theory including solfege, sight-reading, rhythm, and music history and more; and finally, Performance skills like emoting, body language, lyric memorization, storytelling and more.