piano lessons in lafayette, la

Developing Confidence & Creativity through Music

​Learn to play the piano skillfully and with a dedicated music instructor at The Music Box. We know how important it is to teach our piano students to grow into independent and confident musicians. We believe in combining creativity and technical skill in a fun and motivating environment. Play the music you love and how to play it correctly with a learning path created just for YOU.

Students ages 4 and up can enroll in a weekly 30-minute piano lesson where they will learn sight reading, music theory, notes, rhythm, chords, scales, arpeggios, time signatures, ear training and more. Start piano lessons with us today!


"As a parent with a child at Music Box, I have seen Delvin become more confident in himself by taking voice lessons and piano lessons. He has learned different techniques with his voice that now he has more control of his vocal strength and volume. With his piano lessons, he has learned so much about the keystrokes and moving his hands across the keys in such a natural form. His instructors are so awesome. The Music Box has been great in his development into becoming a great musician. Thanks for all y’all do."
Monica D.

More about Our Piano Lessons in Lafayette

Students can begin piano lessons at the age of 4! It's the easiest and most tangible instrument to learn at the beginning.
We teach a range of classical to popular music. Students can learn classical preludes and etudes, popular sheet music to sing along with, or rock chords to accompany friends in a jam session.
We always recommend having a piano or keyboard at home to allow the student to play their instrument regularly. Because our students learn new skills every week, having an instrument to develop those skills between lessons is essential. Most of our students buy a small electric keyboard. We recommend a full sized "digital piano" with "weighted keys" which gives the student the most realistic piano playing experience. We do also have some rental instruments available.
We teach our students the music they love while incorporating music theory fundamentals including sight-reading, note names, rhythm, time signatures, dynamics, keys, scales, chords, arpeggios, ear training, technique and more. We use a variety of book methods to complement each student's custom learning path.
There truly is not a "one size fits all" answer for this question. What does "knowing how to play the piano" mean to you? Does it mean they can play a song? Does it mean they can read music? Does it mean they are at the level of a professional musician? Anyone who is truly great at something must commit to it. It is not realistic to think a few months of lessons will produce a high level of skill. The key here is COMMITMENT. Most things that are worthwhile don't happen overnight.