Guitar Lessons in Lafayette, LA

Developing Confidence & Creativity through Music

In guitar lessons at The Music Box you can learn the music you love, at YOUR pace, in a supportive environment.  Enjoy impactful mentorship from a highly skilled and FUN guitar teacher.

Students ages 6 and up can enroll in weekly 30-minute guitar lessons.  Learn rhythmic notation, finger technique, how to read guitar tabs, the fretboard, chords & progressions, scales & arpeggios, strumming patterns, tuning by ear, and more.  Start your guitar lesson journey today!


"Riley has been doing [guitar] lessons here and loves it! She’s only been going for a few months and has learned so much! She absolutely loves her teacher; He’s great with her and so much fun!" -Amber Kuhns

More about Our Guitar Lessons in Lafayette

Students can begin guitar lessons as early as 6 years old.
We teach rock, pop, blues, metal, country and classical guitar on electric and acoustic guitars.
We always recommend having an instrument at home to allow the student to play regularly. Because our students learn new skills every week, having an instrument to develop those skills between lessons is essential. Some of our students inherit family instruments, rent an instrument from us, or purchase a starter instrument. We'd be delighted to make an instrument recommendation for you.
Beginning students will learn chords, sight reading, strumming patterns, simple songs & melodies, and basic music theory. As students advance, they will learn technical skills like rhythmic notation, finger technique, reading guitar tabs, learning the fretboard, chords & progressions, scales & arpeggios, tuning by ear, and more! We use a variety of book methods to complement each student's custom learning path.
There truly is not a "one size fits all" answer for this question. Knowing how to play an instrument can be defined several ways, like the ability to play a song, name notes, or read music. Students who develop the strongest musical skills are committed to their musical journeys. The longer the journey, the higher the level of skill.