music lessons in lafayette, la and online

Developing Confidence & Creativity through Music

The Music Box offers both in-person and online private music lessons in piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, and bass.  We take pride in providing a well-rounded & flexible music education that combines creativity and technical skill in a FUN and motivating environment.

At The Music Box, we know that music expression is special and personal.  Allow us to help connect you with a highly qualified music instructor who can support YOUR musical interest and learning style.  We are proud to offer a personalized and premier music lesson experience in Lafayette.


"The Music Box is a great place to have your child grow musically and to gain self-confidence. When I decided to put my child in The Music Box for voice and guitar, it was the best thing I could have done for my daughter’s confidence. Katie is a great role model and positive lady. She has taught my daughter not only how to become a better singer but how to become a better person."
Charleen D.

A Well-Rounded & Flexible Music Education

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the benefits

  • Boosts confidence
  • Encourages self-expression
  • Builds concentration
  • Develops memory
  • Creates endorphins
  • Improves social skills
  • Supports academic success
  • Advances motor skills
  • Teaches discipline
  • It's FUN!

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the skills

  • Music Theory
  • Sight Reading
  • Ear Training
  • Rhythm
  • Time Signatures
  • Dynamics
  • Keys, Scales, Chords & Arpeggios
  • Solfege, Tone, Pitch, Diction & Intonation
  • Vocal Flexibility & Control
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Performance Skills
  • Rhythmic Notation
  • Finger Technique
  • Reading Guitar Tabs
  • Learning the Fretboard
  • Strumming Patterns
  • Tuning by Ear
  • And MORE!

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the experience

  • State of the Art Facility
  • Year Round Lessons
  • Wide Range of Lesson Options Available 6 Days a Week
  • Unlimited Make-Up Lessons
  • No Long Term Commitments
  • Impactful Mentorship
  • Celebrated Achievements
  • Semiannual Concert Opportunities
  • And MORE!